Too much "stuff" in the house? 

"I feel like the walls are closing in around me"

"I Don't know where to begin!"

You came to the right person. 

Imagine relaxing at home in a beautiful space that you love, instead of the stress of all that "stuff" in your way.

Whether you're getting ready to move, downsize, or simply have too much stuff, decluttering your home is vital to your success and happiness.

If you're selling, you absolutely must present your house in a way that potential buyers can envision their lives in your current home.

If you simply want to declutter, and live a simpler, less stressed home life, I can help.

Decluttering is a difficult, time consuming process. Lars, The Declutter Dude,  will organize and plan the whole process for you. Covering all the logistics, and providing all the supplies.

All you need to do is be there!


  • Forget the stress and overwhelm - I plan it out for you.

  • Don't depend on friends. Count on a pro to speed up the process for you.

  • Make your next move easier and lighter, with less stuff to sort through.

  • Say goodbye to your storage unit!

  • Live with less stress EVERY DAY for the rest of your life. 

Schedule a free onsite consultation today.

What I do for you

  • Scheduling a donation pickup so you don't have to!

  • Supplies included such as bags and bins for sorting keep, trash, and donate.

  • Working with you to determine whether something is still useful. Do you REALLY need it?

Every one of my clients feels so much better after getting rid of clutter that no longer serves a purpose or enriches their lives.