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Starts January 15th, 2016!

  • Overwhelmed with your clutter? 

  • Are you ready for simple changes that lead to massive results?  

  • Longing for a simpler life? 

  • Tired of being "stuck" and not following through with decluttering?  

  • Not sure where to begin? 

I'm sure you've searched online, and seen the many "tactics", tips, organization "solutions" to declutter your life, home, mind. And most of them are pretty "good". 

But where to begin? 

I've seen a declutter challenge that simply listed the rooms in a typical house and said "Declutter Kitchen", then "Declutter Linen Closet" and so on, listing a different space over 30 days. What??

Great, thanks. I can make a checklist in two minutes. But where does that leave you? 

The most effective way to achieve long term success is to create a mindshift via small actions that you apply to your daily life. At first, it isn't easy, but like lifting a heavy weight, your muscles grow and it becomes second nature with some repetition. 

Announcing the Four Week Declutter Dude Challenge 2016

This will be separate from my regular newsletter.

It will be a four week challenge. 

A program with simple specific actions to follow. 

You'll receive 2-3 emails a week. 
At the end of it, your mind and home will be freer and lighter.

We'll start on January 15, 2016, so that you'll be plenty recovered from the holidays. Cost is free, and the results are priceless. 

  • Simple, Actionable steps to lessen the burden of clutter in your life. 

  • The steps build upon each other, so you're not overwhelmed at any point .

  • Opportunity to take on your most difficult piece of clutter.

  • Scheduled times for online group coaching and advice. 

  • Insight to my career of helping others declutter. 

  • Some of my embarrassing personal stories

  • Put you on a life changing path. 

Remember, none of this stuff will be in my regular newsletter. 

It'll be fun. I mean, I'm the Declutter Dude, not the Doomsayer of Clutter.

Give me four weeks. I'll give you the start of new life. 

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  • It's Free, Nothing to buy.  

  • No nonsense or spam.