Declutter Dude Press

I had the honor of guest posting AND a follow up interview on one of my favorite blogs and life coaches, Life In Focus

Alessandra Wall, Psychologist, Coach, and the voice of Life In Focus, and I met at a conference/retreat a while back, and it there was a lot of overlap in our philosophy.  She focuses on helping her clients on what really matters. I help my clients get rid of what doesn't matter.

Here is my guest post, I shared my journey into becoming the Declutter Dude and finding True Wealth. Hint, it's not about money.

There was such a great response Alessandra asked me to do a follow up interview. I was doubly honored and humbled. Dr. Wall's guests are a collection of amazing achievers, but on their own terms. That is very important to my philosophy and approach to life.

I hope you enjoy.

Have you made any big changes in your life or career that was based on being true to your values? Please share in the comments.